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Using Vintage China in Your Wedding Decor

Do you love vintage china? I’m always drawn to it at flea markets and in antique shops. It calls my name and begs me to take it home, it’s all just so pretty! And I think it looks great incorporated into wedding decor as well. If you’re looking for relatively low cost centre pieces with a big impact then look no further!

Tiered Cake Plates
These look fab a centrepieces as they add a bit of height to the table but won’t obstruct your guests view across (got to keep that conversation flowing!) Ask your florist to style them with in season flowers and lots of greenery to keep costs down, or you could really push the boat out and have them dripping with roses! Either way they’ll look delicious.
A tiered cake plate loaded with beautiful blooms


Cups & Saucers
How cute are these! I think the tea cups in themselves are beautiful but add a couple of flowers and they’re just perfect. With the added bonus of being small (and perfectly formed) it doesn’t take too many flowers to fill them up. You could dot them around the tables or have them all along the front of your top table.


Rose tea anyone?


Tiered Tea Cup Stands
Something a little bit more unusual, tiered tea cups. These are more difficult to find so you’d probably have to get them made or hire them from somewhere (you know what, I think Belles & Bobs might have them!) These have the cuteness of the tea cup but the height of a tiered cake stand so you get the best of both worlds! Plus they don’t need as many flowers as a cake stand.


Did I mention I like tea cups?!
Well, one couldn’t write a feature about vintage china without mentioning the main player now could one? The teapot. Who doesn’t love a good teapot! These gorgeous brewing receptacles look great on a wedding tablescape (like landscape, but for a table…who knew?!) Add one to every table for a bit of mis-matched chic or just have one in the centre of the top table. Whatever flowers you have in them they’ll look wonderful.
“I’m a little teapot, short and stout!”

Tea Cup Candles
Tea cup + candle = match made in heaven? These little beauties look sweet lit in the centre of the table next to your flowers (if your venue allows real candles). Or they are also great as wedding favours. You could wrap them up in cellophane with a big ol’ bow and put them next to each guests plate (or just the ladies if you want to do something different for the chaps). If you don’t fancy pouring hot wax into 100 teacups there are places you can source them ready made and even personalised to your colour scheme (you know what, I think Belles & Bobs might just do those too!)

Here are a few more pictures featuring some fabulous china! All floral arrangements featured in this post were created by the amazing Fleurs En Fleur of Loughborough and all photos were taken by the wonderful Mark Pugh of M.P Media.
“Here is my handle, here is my spout!
Or perhaps you’d prefer coffee?


One lump or two?


 For some more ideas of how to incorporate vintage china into your wedding day take a look at our Pinterest board “It’s all in the details…”

So there you have it, a quick roundup of how to include vintage china in your wedding decor. Are you planning on using china in your decoration scheme? Did you feature vintage china in your wedding? We’d love to hear from you and see some pictures!

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